Mohanlal React Strongly Against Moral Policing

Actor Mohanlal has come strongly against the moral policing in the state. He said that Morality is Individual based on all aspects and not to be decided by a person or an organization or defined by any particular code of law. He posted this in his latest blog , titled ‘ The Smoke and Flowers of Morality’ (Sadacharathinte Pakayum Pookalum’).
The actor add that Keralities is really crossing all the limits on the name of Moral Policing, have gone overboard like Vandalizing restaurants, attacking people and making a riot situation. This is like atrocities happening in the uncivilized tribal way. We can understand when such shameful acts happen in less – informed and civilized societies. But in the societies where we take pride in being literate people . such things cannot be tolerated and accepted. This is really shameful that we morph into a moral police force. We are getting new gaurds and custodians to protect our morality. Political Parties and Religious Leaders have entered the scene as Moral Police. We have never seen them intervening so actively in any public issues. He alos points out that there are so many important issues which need the attention of the public. But they are left unnoticed. He also stated that India is a country which has strong legal system and neither Political parties Nor religious head has any right to position themselves as guardians of law. It is when the so called bodies take laws into their hand, we have to get worried and that is unlawful. It will lead to many problems and riots happen in the country.
Mohanlal points out that there are so many important issues which need the attention of public; but they are left unnoticed. Mentioning about the recent controversy of Kiss of love , the actor said that every individual has their own right to kiss or not to kiss. In his own words “I have no right to insist that you should not kiss in my presence. If I don’t approve of it, I’ll have to look away. That’s courtesy, that’s decency,” Mohanlal concluded his blog.