No Issues With Prithivraj – Fahad Fazil

It was earlier reported that Fahad Fazil has Backed out from all the projects with Prithivraj where both the stars had got equal importance and this has created a doubt in the mind of the fans whether Fahad and Prithivraj is having any issues between them. When both actors did not respond to the issues and did come forward to clear it , every one started to believe the story.

They all believed that both the actors are not in good terms and that is why Fahad is backing out from the projects. Now no need to spread the news. Fahad Fazil has clarified it. He told that he does not have any problem with Prithivraj. He clarified that since he had issues with dates , he had to back out from the projects.

Fahad says that, he and Prithivraj are childhood friends and they do not have any issues between them. It is because Fahad was committed to some projects and he was having date issues, he had to back out from some projects. Among the backed out projects, it happened to be three Prithivraj films. The backed out films are Sapthashree Thaskara directed by Anil Radhakrishna Menon, Double Barrel directed by Amal Neerad, and Ivide by Shayamaprasad.

In Sapthamashree Thaskara Asif Ali , In Double Barrel Tamil Actor Arya and In Ivide Nivin Pauly had replaced Fahad. Out of these films, Sapthamashree Thaskara has got released and got rood response from the viewers. The shoot of the other two films has already started.