The film will be over within 60 Seconds

The film which starts at 8.19 and ends at 8.20. The film titled 8.20 is coming to tell the story of an the incident happen with in sixty seconds. The film is directed by debutant director shyam mohan. The film will be produced by saboo cheryian who created youth waves through film ‘For the People’. The film has reached the theaters during Christmas.

Producer Sabu Cheriyan has told that he had adopted a different approach in the film. The producer also told that this would be the first South Indian film to explore the one second story core and which is made in this genre. The director and the actors of the film is all new comers. The producer also added that his film comes with an entirely different experience and the making of the film is totally a risk. The director feels that the Malayalam film for time being is the season for experiments and this is the proper time that he take risk with trying different type of films. He also says that the climax of the film is not like any usual cinema which was seen so far. Avantika, Arjun plays the important role in the film. Besides them Vijayaraghavan, Biju Kuttan, Jayakrishnan, Poojapura Ravi, Anoop Kumar also plays important role in the film. The story and script has been written by Sham himself.