Young Actor Shine Tom Chacko arrested for possessing cocaine

Malayalam young actor Shine Tom Chacko Got arrested for possessing cocaine. The police arrested One assistant director and four models also related with this case. The cocaine was seized by police from a raid conducted on previous night from a flat in Kadavantra Kochi. They have seized 10 gram cocaine which costs around one lakh. Shine tom Chacko’s latest release was film titled Ithihasa in which he has played the lead role in the film. Police has arrested his friends, assistant director blessy, jinsy, and sneha from the flat.

The police has conducted the raid in the midnight on the flat based on the information received to them that a cocaine party is being held in the flat. According to reports, Earlier also like this party was held here. All of these people were arrested from the flat of Mohammed Nizam who was arrested two days ago for allegedly beating a security guard in Thrissur. Reshma says that she has rented the flat from Nizam and he does not have any relation with this. , Police is also checking whether Nizam is related to the drug mafia.