Would have become Army Man If not entered films

Actor Prithivraj says that if he had not become the actor, then he would have become an army man. This is a true statement. As per the reports, his recent release Picket 43 directed by Major Ravi is highlighted for the brilliant performance of the lead actor and it has opened to high positive reviews and the film is on its way to become super hit. Recently more than 150 NCC cadets has reached the Sreedhar Theater of Ernakulam to watch the film. Prithivraj also joined them. While speaking to the NCC cadets the actor revealed about his desire. He also told that he and his brother Indrajith had studied in the Sainik School for five years and also was a part of NCC for five years. He also added that In the school they had Basic Fire Arm Training and it helped him to do the scenes naturally. So obviously it will be strange if he did not show interest in the army.