Working with Priyadarshan Is always like Home Coming – Says Piaa Bajpai

Actress Piaa Bajpai says that whenever she is working with film maker Priyadarshan , she feels as if she is coming back home after she is away for some time. She told this when she reached to act in her upcoming film Aamayum Muyalum directed by Priyadarshan. The actress debuted in film with Tamil film Poy Solla Porom Produced by Priyadarshan.

She told that it is Priyadarshan who saw potential in her and launched her in films when she was invisible to everybody else. He did not care about who she is and where she comes from when he introduced in his film Poi Solla Poram. So working again with Priyadarshan sir is like home coming. She always wants to work in his film and when it happened it was like her dreams come true. She was very happy about it.

She said that while working with Priyadarshan on her first film, she told him that she would like to work with him again. But after that both of them got busy with their respective commitments. Piaa told that even though they were busy they stayed in touch. Recently he called her and told about the film.

The actress hesitated to reveal much about her character for the film ‘Aamayum Muyalum’. But she told that she plays an entirely different character in the film. She told that this film is important because it is a Priyadarshan film . since he is the mentor, she will give her best to the film so that he won’t get disappointed. This film would be her second film in Malayalam after ‘Masters’.