Woman arrested for theft

Thiruvananthapuram: One woman got arrested on investigation on the charge on money kept in locker in Petrol bunk being said to be lost in fire.  It is complained that 8 lakh of rupees kept in the locker of Vijaya Petrol Pump at Kaimanom had lost catching fire. The woman who was the Pump manger got arrested in the case. It’s not currency note but only ordinary paper that got in fire and after burning the ashes were kept in the locker found out the police on investigation. Valsala (45) of Chithira veetil ,Nemam, poozhikkunnu is the one who is arrested. After mis appropriating the money she burnt the papers and bank slip inside the locker to mislead she agreed on police interrogation.

She was working there for last 8 years and many times did the mis appropriation and fraud in the accounts and it’s for not finding out the theft that she burnt the papers. Earlier the forensic inspections have found out that the ashes are not of currency notes and only ordinary paper. The arrest was following the report.

Parts of the stolen money have been recovered from her home and 3 lakhs found deposited in her personal account with Bank of India.