Will Vijay Babu rescue Kavya

After a small gap, actress kavya madhavan’s come back to Malayalam films has givin a lot of expectation for the Malayalam audience. The audience has expected a lot from her come back film ‘she taxi’ even amidst controversies about her marriage, But the the film did not work as per the expectation. The film not only got flopped, Kavya was also blamed for its disappointment. Now the only expectation is with the film Akasavani directed by debutant Khais Milan .

Seeing the earlier film of Kavya, we cant expect much from her from the new film also because the director of the film Khais Milan is a new director. Now the expectation is with the lead role of the film Vijay Babu. The actor has already proved his caliber as a good actor through his debut film Nee Na of Lal Jose. If the audience prefer to go for watching films based on the past performances, then we think Vijay Babus past performance will definitely help Kavya and the film Aakasavani.