Will Not Tie Up The Police But Will Beat Back If Beats: Thiruvanchoor

Thrissur:The Police will not be tied up.But if attacks the Police they will return with more power.says Home Minister Thiruvanchoor Radhakrishnan.He was giving away the inaugural address in the meeting concluding the Police Officer’s Association State Meet.
It is not the duty of the Police to write the felicitations to those who have influence.There will be his support and his governments support to police to boost up their confidence.It is the policy of Police to protect the constitution.The Siege blocking the Secretariat, asking the resignation of Chief Minister,was against the democracy.If we were agreeing to the demand of CPM,it would have been against the democracy.No enemity to any political party.In Kerala, on a national basis,there is shortage in number of women police force.It is only 5%. Woman SIs and DySPs are less. Trying to fill up this.
The media worked against me at the time of Siege.But that media support itself gave me the award for best minister.There was no bloodshed not even of a drop during Siege.The credit of handling the Siege without creating any problem for public should go to Kerala Police itself.Thiruvanchoor explained that he was selected as the best minister because the police is best.