Will not Ignore Malayalam Films – Meghna Raj

Kannada Actress Meghna Raj achieved fame in Malayalam film through Life Is Beautiful directed by V.K Prakash. After that she became the part of some many good Malayalam films.

Presently she is busy doing four Kannada films. Bu she says that she is not giving importance to Kannada films. She added that she will not ignore Malayalam films because it is Malayalam films made her an actress. Because of this reason her priority would always be Malayalam films.

This year she had acted in two Malayalam films Hundred Degree Celsius and The Dolphins . She revealed that she is very careful while selecting the films and she would like to act in good films. In Hundred Degree Celsius there is no hero but it is a good film.

If your work and talent has been accepted, then it wont be a problem even if your films did not do well in the box office.