Will not divorce, but will live separately!!

Divorce is not a big deal among the stars. But comparatively those couples in Bollywood lead a peaceful family life. What we are dicussing here today is of the internal conflicts n clashes between the director Anurag Kashyap and his wife Kalki,actress.
There is something cooking up in the minds of the couple. they need time to understand their flaws and rectify it, for this, they are separating, but not divorcing.
They have requested the media not to indulge into their private matters. Kashyap is the director of the movies Black Friday, Gulal, Gangs of Vasepur. The affair between Anurag and Kalki budded in his site in 20009 and ended up in marriage in 2011.
Anurag’s is the secong marriage and he has got a daughter in his first marriage. Kalki’s is the first marriage. All are eagerly waiting to see what happens next. Will they divorce or separate is the question…