Will Make More films With Mammootty

Aashiq Abu who got into the right at the top of the promising directors’ list after his Salt N’ Pepper , lost his pace after that and has been a disappointing journey for the filmmaker ever since. He now has clarified that he will continue to do more films with Mammootty. He was reacting to the negative comments received after his recent film released. Gangster was strongly attacked by the media and the critics.

There were a huge expectation from the film when the super star Mammootty who has a style which beats all the youngsters and the Young generation Director Ashiq Abu who depicts modernization. The film did not do well in the box office as expected But also that film started to get negative comments from all the quarters.

The director who is actively involved in the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter could understand the opions about his film immediately. Now this is an answer to all the citicizers and the negative comments that he will again come back with more films.