Will Hansika be Banned?

Actress Hansika Is having a tough time now. Her real love life failed miserably and now it almost look like she will also loose her chances in the films. While she was happily shooting for the film her boy friend Simbu has given a sudden shock to her. He Openly Declared about his break up with Hanskika and told that both don’t share any relationship.

This has happened when they both are acting together in the film ‘Vaalu’. The break up of these lead stars in the film has put the film in trouble. After this incident Hansika stopped coming for the shoot and there were so many pending scenes to be shot.

Now the Producer SS Chakravarthy himself came to the scene and filed a complaint at the producer’s council that the actress is not co-operating to wrap up the film and delaying the shoots. The director also complained that the personal issues of the actors are affecting the film and because of this he will loose money heavily. He also blamed the actress that she is not giving her dates an on requesting; she has told the producer that her dates are only available in May or June

But the actress says that the producers were not able to complete the films based on her committed dates and now she is busy with her other commitments and hence she wont be able to provide date for the film. The makers want to sort out the issues with Hansika First then they aim to approach silambarasan. If the complaint is proved right then the producer’s council may ban her from Tamil films.