Who Is Akbar Ali Khan

Now all the Mammootty fans chants this dialogue “ It is Akbar… He will Come back on March 20th 2014. Akbar has kept his word. He came on the same day 7pm. The trailer of the film Mega Star Mammootty Starrer ‘Gangster’ directed by Ashiq Abu was out on the same day as committed. Within four days of trailer release more than five lakh people have seen Akbar Ali in the YouTube. Not only that within one week of its release the official page of Akbar Ali in social Networking site Facebook has got one Lakh likes. Akbar has started to create History. The shoot of the Gangster has kept very confidentially. The photographers who walks with mobile phones were not allowed. Even Media was banned inside the sets of the film shoot. The makers has kept it so confidentially that not even a still unexpectedly from the film got leaked from the set. Earlier it was said that the first look of the film will be out by on March 12th but later it got changed to March 15th. At last Mammooty’s first look of Gangster is officially out that too all the five posters are out with his signature..
Along with the first look of the film the first hoarding is also out. Who is Akbar Ali Khan ? Ashiq abu has not revealed anything any details about Akhar ali Khan to the viewers , except that he is an underworld King. Once upon a time there was an underworld king without any crown. His name was Ilias Ali Khan. Akbar Ali was the son of this underworld king, who also follows the footstep of his father .
Aparna Gopinath, Naila Usha portrays the important characters in the film. Along with Sekhar Menon, T.G Ravi, Kunchan , the famous script writer John Paul also plays the important role in the film. The scripting of the film ‘Gangster’ is done by Abhilash Kumar and Ahammad Siddique. The film will reach theaters by April 11th.