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Advani  meets Mohan Bhagvat.

Date : June 2o, 2013 | Time : 03:59:00 PM 

LK-Adwani-NewskeralaNew Delhi: Senior BJP leader L.K.Advani met the Head of the  RSS Mohan Bhagvat today. The meeting took place in the afternoon at the RSS Headqrarters in Delhi. This actually was to take place yesterday. But due to Advani’s indifferent health he postponed it to today.

Advani reportedly discussed with him, the matters he had raised at the time of his recent resignation. The meeting lasted over 45 minutes. It was Mohan Bhagat who took the initiative in settling the problem connected with the resignation of Advani recently.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wants BJP to declare that Narendra Modi won’t be a candidate to the Prime Minister Ship.

Date : June 15, 2013 | Time : 07:12:00 PM

Nitish Kumar

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar wants BJP to declare categorically that Narendra Modi won’t be a candidate to the Prime Minister Ship. This should be declared publicly by the BJP. Instead, a secret understanding won’t do, said Nitish Kumar. He was answering the questions from the media reporters after quitting the NDA alliance.

Negotiations are on, from all corners to come to a settlement with Nitish Kumar. In the meanwhile BJP leaders didn’t attend the meeting called by Nitish Kumar after leaving the NDA alliance. Nitish had invited Deputy Chief Minister Susheel Modi and other senior leaders for discussion.

BJP leader and NDA convener in Bihar Nandakishore said that they were called for discussions regarding the ending of the alliance. But this does not come under our jurisdiction. So we decided not to attend this meeting, said he.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said there are certain problems, in continuing the alliance with the BJP. When asked about the request from BJP to continue the alliance he said they are praying for the long life and at the same time injecting poison to kill it.

Nitish Kumar is adamant on the stand that Modi can’t be the Prime Ministerial candidate for the next Lok Sabha poll. BJP must be prepared to clear our apprehension about this. The Prime Ministererial candidate should be a secular man. For this very reason we can’t approve Modi’s candidature, he added.

The JDU Chairman Sharad Yadav denied having received an ultimatum to come to a final decision about the Prime Ministerial candidate within days. It’s definitely an internal affair of BJP to give the responsibility of election propaganda to Modi. But the aftermath of this decision is against the agenda of the NDA, said Sharad.


In Twiter Modi welcomes Advani’s decision to withdraw resignation.
Date : June 12, 2013 | Time : 12:32:00 PM

Modi welcomes Advani’s decision
Modi welcomes Advani’s decision

Gujarath Chief Minister Narendra Modi welcomed Advani’s decision to withdraw the resignation. ‘I had said yesterday that Advani will not disappoint lakhs of followers. Today I welcome his decision whole heartedly’, wrote Mody in Twiter. Mody wrote this in Twiter just after the BJP Chairman Raj Nath Singh announced the withdrawal of the resignation.

Mody had requested Advani over the phone to withdraw the resignation.
In the meanwhile, Raj Nath Singh has declared again that in the coming Lok Sabha Elections, BJP’s propaganda committee chairman will be Narendra Modi himself.


L K Advani withdraws resignation.

Date : June 11, 2013 | Time : 06:41:00 PM 


New Delhi: The BJP president Rajnath Singh said in a news conference that L K  Advani has withdrawn his resignation. This is on the condition that the Prime ministerial candidate will be decided only with his concurrence. Also he has assured that the party’s decision will be accepted. All his concerns regarding the appointment of Narendra Modi as the Chief Election Propagandist will be considered by the party. Besides, all other problems raised by him in the parliamentary committee will also be discussed, said Rajnath Singh.

At the same time Modi will continue as the chief propagandist. Prime ministerial candidate will be decided later.

It was in protest against the decision to make the Gujarath Chief Minister Narendra Modi as the Chief Election Propagandist that the Senior Leader L K  Advani  resigned. His resignation was from the BJP National Executive Committee, the Parliamentary Board, and the Election Committee.


BJP to be led by Narendra Modi.

Date : June 9, 2013 | Time : 05:43:00 PM

Narendra Modi

Panaji (Goa): Narendra Modi is going to lead the BJP during the next Lok Sabha elections. During the meeting at Panaji of the national executive committee of the BJP, Gujarath chief minister Narendra Modi was elected as the chief propagandist of the party. It was against the stiff opposition from the Advani group that Narendra Modi was elected to this post. Party Chairman Rajnath Singh announced this officially at the meeting.

Rajnath Singh said that Mody is quite capable of leading the party to victory. In spite of the stiff inter-party rivalry and Advani’s intentional absence from the meeting, Modi group forced the National Executive to accept Modi’s leadership.

For the first time in the history of the BJP, Advani didn’t attend the National Executive Committee meeting. Advani’s supporters Uma Bharathi, Jaswant Singh, Yeswant Sinha and Satrukhnan Sinha  also boycotted the meeting.

The RSS had directed the party to appoint Narendra Modi as the chief propagandist, with the concurrence of Advani. Rajnath Singh was aware of this. They were trying to declare Modi as the chief election propagandist in the presence of Advani. Knowing this Advani purposely stayed away.

From Kerala National Secretary P.K.Krishna Das, State Chairman V.Muralidharan, General Secretary Umakanthan, O.Rajagopal, C.K.Padmanabhan and P.S.Sreedharan Pillai attended the executive committee meeting.