What’s wrong if I act as a call girl? Asks Sruthi Hassan

Shruti-hassan Actress Sruthi Hassan the daughter of the veteran actor Kamal Hassan has become the most favorite of the media. Of late, she has become the most talked- about actress in the media after her role as a call girl in the Hindi movie ‘D Day’. She has reacted sharply to the criticisms from the general viewers. If a particular role needs the use of a swim suit she said she is prepared to wear that. Cinema is an art and the roles enacted in it have to be taken in that sense. The viewers have seen many popular stars acting glamorously in the same call girl’s roll before. They didn’t make any hue and cry then. Then why they do it to me alone now. I would be acting even after my marriage. Though my father is an atheist I’m a firm believer of God. Now I’m staying in Mumbai alone. And I concentrate fully on movies, added Sruthi.