What the Fish of Dimple Kapadia – A situational comedy!!

Making of a situational comedy requires much effort and pain involved in it, especially when the comedy is situated on a particular household for about a month. ‘What the fish’ is a situational comedy in which Dimple Kapadia stars as a 67 old lady, a grumbling, divorced yet energetic woman.
In the movie, she goes to pay a visit to her son and asks one of her nieces to take care of the household, especially her fish and money plant. But her niece gives the responsibility to her fiancee Sumit. In Maasi’s (Dimple Kapadia) absence Sumit throws a party at house and it was not all well as maasi expected it to be. The movie then shows the flashback, the incidents that occured in maasi’s absence in her house.
The first half of the movie goes without much amusing developments but then in the second part the story develops with elements of fun which arouses laughter in the audience when in a group. The title of the movie ‘What the fish’ also arises a question in the minds of the audience, what really is the relevance of this seemingly comic movie.