What is wrong in Women Reacting ?

The director Rakesh Gopan has reacted against the case given against his film 100 degree Celsius to the Lokyukta. He reacted to the Manorama Online.
A Person named Manoj Narayanan has filed a case against the director and the censor board, saying that the film is mentioned as woman – centric film but the film shows women in a poor light and gives out wrong message to the society.

For this Rakesh Gopan has reacted like this. ‘ Everyone should See Cinema as Cinema only . The film portrays about five women in the lead roles who got trapped in an unexpected situation and the how they react to it. The film does not promote any type of violence. In the film , one character even slaps a person who tries to trap her . it is for this Narayanan has given petition

The director asks what is wrong in women reacting when they are targeted. This was based on the real life incident happened in Kochi, but the incidents shown in the film was just the imagination. The person who accept it accept other wise can ignore it. Rakesh Gopan Clarified that there is no question of him apologizing or withdrawing the film in the light of the complaint.