What is Gangster hiding?

The makers of the film Gangster had tried to keep the shoot of the film in a very secretive manner. Nothing much about the film has been revealed. The makers had tried their best to keep the film secretive and they took utmost care for not getting leaked the shots and scenes of the film. It has also been reported that no one was allowed mobile phones at the shooting places . Even though the trailer was out , here also mammootty had been showed for name sake only. No information about the new look of film has been revealed .

The film which has been shot in Ajmer and Mangalore would be a suspense revenge thriller. The film will also has good camera works.
The other villains who will be coming in par with Mammootty will be John Paul, Kunjan, and Shekhar Menon. The film pictures about the prominent gangsters controlling the Mangalore city.

Shekhar Menon will be playing the character Anto who is the close relative of uncle Sam played by John Paul. These persons Plot against Akbar and try to create havoc in his life. They will plot to kill him , but in the fight he will loose his wife , but he will be rescued. This will make him disoriented state . But later he Comes back to avenge his loss . From there on it is all blood and galore happens in the film making people more enthusiastic