What is cooking between Salman Khan and Daisy Shah

Salman Khan is the one actor who has girl friends more than his films. Even now he is enjoying his bachelor life without yielding to the marriage. He is the actor who has been linked with almost all his heroines and this will be understandable when you check the old gossip columns. Even Aishwarya Rai Bachchan the daughter in law of the Bachchan Clan was also included in the list of his girl friends. All these are old stories. Now the rumours about him is that he is getting close and is taking special interest in his Jai Ho Co star Daisy Shah . The actress has become his new company. While salman khan has played an angel to whole lot of people in the industry the next person to get his hand is daisy shah. . He is apparently guiding her on how to deal with the industry and handle the media. The superstar has even helped his co star to give correct answer to the media in the press conference. But at the same time, salman has always been a caring co star so it is hard to figure out what is cooking between them. Any way let some of his days belong to Daisy Shah.