What is Cooking Between Asin and Salman

Bollywood is famous for the link ups, hook ups and break ups. There is only one person who tops the list that is actor salman Khan. He is the king of link ups with a long list of girl friends. He has been linked up with almost every second girl in the industry and can also be called as the actor who has girl friends more than his number of films. He is the god father for many in Bollywood. His relationships with beautiful women have always been under the scanner and have always given the tabloid and press enough to speculate. It also has some truth in it. Now the name linked up with Salman is Asin the south Indian Star . Asin who got almost out from the industry the reports says that both Salman and Asin share a relationship more than the normal friendship. It is reported that salman has gifted Asin a flat in Mumbai worth crores of rupees . There is also news that the duo has been seeing each other. When this rumour got spread, Asin’s manager step forward and made it clear that Salman and Asin are good only and nothing beyond that. Asin who debuted in Bollywood with Salman Khan in London Dreams and following that she has acted with him again in the film Ready. Now the news says that even if she is not active in the industry Salman and Asin Share a special relationship.