What all Money I had are earned from 18 years of hard work says Dileep

Actor Dileep said that the money Raided from his home and office by the tax officials are his money which he has been earned by him through hard work for the past 18 years He told that he was really pained to hear the media reports about him after the central excise department raided his office and home. He also told that he is the person who strictly follows the laws and all the accounts has been handled by separate ones which includes the auditors. The news reported by some media channels are not true. They have reported that he had earned the money from smuggling which is not true. He also told that the only tax to pay from the earnings of his last two films and for that he has time till January 5th. He is also ready to pay the tax amount instructed by the officials. One section of the media reported that some foreign currency has been recovered from his home . He told that the foreign currency recovered from his home around 350 dollars has been kept to use while going for shopping. He explained to the media while coming out of the central excise office of cochin.