We are Going to Start a New Life – Says Lisy

Hence putting an end to the gossip , Lissy and Priyadarshan is not getting separated. Now Lissy has clarified that all the problems with her husband has been sorted out and she is going to be together with her husband again and they will start a new life. Lissy clarified this on an interview given to a media. She admitted that there were certain conflicts between them, but those were normal fights that would happen in every family . She said that they fought over some financial issues revolving around the CCL and a company owned by Lissy. The difference cropped up around issues revolving around the company owned by Lissy. She felt that both their ego came in the way and things went out of control. But it has not reached on the stage of separation. She also rubbished the news that she demanded 80 crore from her film maker husband as rumour. After differences cropped up, Priyan went to Kerala for some work and this has misconstrued as a separation. When asked about priyadarshans alleged extra marital affair, she said that it was a very personal matter and the issue has been sorted out. Lissy told that they both will watch together the semi final match of celebrity cricket league to be held this Saturday in kochi. Earlier Priyadarshan has already clarified that they only have a difference of opinion that something generally happens at home. It was over some account problems and the divorce news is all exaggerated and not true.