VS Makes His Debut in Film

Kerala’s opposition leader VS Achuthanandan also decided to try it out in the films . VS is making his debut in the film “At Once” directed by Sayed Usman. In the film VS will appear in the Climax when the films convey a strong social message. Since the film is conveying a strong message to society the makers decided to cast Achuthanandan considering his influence in the society. The director also feels that they will not get a better person than VS Achuthanandan to handle the role in the film. The movie revolves around a HIV infected person who faces lot of issues in the Society because of his disease. VS beautifully enacted his role and the part got okay in the fist take itself. The film gives a message to the society that you should not ignore the persons who is affected by the HIV. The director who is a fan of this leader says that he castes VS in the film because of his popularity among the people. Badri is playing the male protagonist and ” Ayyalum Njanum Thammil” “Fame Swathika is playing the female protagonist in the film. Besides them Jagadish, Reji Prakash, Thalaivasal Vijay, Indrans are the other actors of the film.