Vishal stayed in the Dirty Water for 8 Hours

Every one thinks that Acting in Films are easy job. Every one thinks that the actors has to act only half portion then the rest will be done by the camera trick. In some cases they use camera trick. But it is not correct in many cases. In the present Scenario there are lot of actors who is hard working and dedicated and would prefer to do certain scenes by themselves. Vishal is one among them. He is very hard working and dedicated actor. He agreed to stay marooned in the dirty water for eight hours

For the film Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam in which he is doing a cameo. In the film he was required to save a kid from drowning into a septic tank. Director Parthiban has created a set in a swimming pool exclusive for his . Vishal did the Shooting in it and was in it for nearly Eight hours until the shot was over. Not only that he did not accept any payment for this shot as he did this cameo for friendship .