Vir Das Gets Adventurous For ‘Amit Sahni Ki List

Vir Das Gets Adventurous For ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’ In one of the scenes in upcoming rom-com ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’, Vir Das is shown to be bungee-jumping. For the scene, the makers of the film got a bungee-jumping instructor from abroad for Vir Das and the actor underwent training for around 3-4 days before the sequence was shot. Vir Das, who is fond of adventure sports, had a great time bungee-jumping and also encouraged some other cast members to try their hand at the sport. “I'm a huge adrenaline junkie and the sequence gave me the opportunity to fulfill and strike off another sport off my wish list." says Vir Das. Produced by Pyxis Pictures and directed by Ajay Bhuyan, ‘Amit Sahni Ki List’, which is slated to release on July 18, also stars Vega Tamotia, Anindita Nayar and Kavi Shastri.