Vineeth to get Fresh Look in ‘Ormayundo Ee Mukam’

Vineeth Sreenivasan has proved out to be an all rounder. He has reached out almost all the categories in the film like music, screen play, acting, direction etc. He rose to fame with his debut directorial film Malarwadi Arts club itself. Now he is gearing up for his next romantic film.
Vineeth says that he likes more to direct films. He said that he used to get lot of chances to act in films during the gap of his films. Anwar Sadiq’s film has happened like that. But due to some problems it did not happen. He also said that he had signed two more films for acting. The film Ormayundo ee mukam will get released by 2014. The other films will only get released next year. Vineeth will be playing the character Gautam in the film. He said that he will have a fresh look in the film and this would be music based love story. All the scenes of the film is shot in a special and different way. He will also sing two songs in the film. He said that he selected the film because of Anwars strong screenplay.