Vinayan shells out Rs.Two Crores for graphics alone

Vinayan For the graphics alone of his three D movie Vinayan spent Rs.Two crores. There are no super stars in this movie. This is the story of a kid with some super-natural powers. He acquired these amazing powers while he was inside his mother’s womb. The movie’s name is ‘Little Superman’. The ‘Little Superman’ does not have any relation whatsoever with the comic character Superman, says the director Vinayan. He simply calls this kid with super-natural powers as ‘Little Superman’. This movie utilizes the most sophisticated technology available elsewhere. The technicians behind ‘Avatar’ and ‘Harry Potter’ will be working for this movie too. This will be shot in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and English languages. And it will be ready for release by the next year. Almost all actors of this three D movie will be new-comers. It was from about 3,000 applicants that Deni was chosen to act as the ‘Little Superman’. There will be the usual ingredients of romance and comedy too in this movie. Other actors include Shroff and Om Puri from Bollywood. In addition, Malayalam actor Nazar also will be there. With this new fantasy movie Vinayan is trying to become the favorite director of children.