Vikram Sahidev Lagadapati

Article 1: “DEMUDAA..”, WHO IS VIKRAM? A child artist who was too small in size and voice, a few years ago acted in films called Viyyala Vari Kayyalu and Snehageetham. In keeping with the mounting and target audience of those two films, Vikram Sahidev, the child artist that this article is discussing, even though noticed by the movies’ target audiences, did not get commercial recognition. But when he set the tone for Allu Arjun’s pet word “Demudaa..” in “Race Gurram”, he got the recognition that few child artists can quickly nod their heads for. He is well known now as the junior Allu Arjun of this year’s super hit “Race Gurram”. Ever since his arrival on the commercial movie scene with “Race Gurram”, Vikram or “Lucky Star” like he’s being called now, has already been signed for “Pataas” and “Sher”. Kalyan Ram, who has been dormant for a while is returning strongly with both these films and both his directors have chosen Vikram to play child roles in these two films. Simultaneously, Vikram Sahidev is playing the childhood role of Sudheer Babu in his home production, Ramalakshmi Cine Creations’ Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini. The big news is also that “Lucky Star” Vikram has been picked up by none other than Gunsekhar for a role in “Rudramma Devi”. News is that he has impressed the crew with his rendition of “grandhikam” style of Telugu dialogues too. As always Vikram insists on dubbing his own voice. So this time you will not be asking “Demudaa..” who is Vikram, you know that he is the “Lucky Star” Vikram Sahidev Lagadapati. Happy times at the movies to you all. Article 2: LUCKY STAR VIKRAM’S DREAM RUN IN TOLLYWOOD Vikram has gained tremendous recognition with his dialogue delivery and confidence when he played the childhood avatar of Allu Arjun in the blockbuster “Race Gurram”. It seems that the industry has woken up to the child artist and his presence on the silver screen. The “Lucky Star” has quickly bagged several roles in Tollywood. Vikram Sahidev Lagadapati is being cast in “Sher” and “Pataas” too. Kalyan Ram’s “Sher” being directed by Mallikarjun, has cast Vikram after watching “Race Gurram”, and Vikram has already finished some part of his shooting for “Pataas”. Vikram He has been snapped up by the big budget director Gunasekhar for his “Rudramma Devi” and the “Lucky Star” is also playing junior Sudheer Babu in “Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini”. It was way back when Vikram played a very young child in the films Viyyala Vari Kayyalu and the youthful Snehageetham. Both the films were home productions for Vikram - as his parents are the reputed producer duo of Sirisha-Sridhar of Ramalakshmi Cine Creations. They say that they noticed his inclination to act as a child and are proud to see him grow the way he is doing today. These are challenging times in Tollywood due to the changing industry dynamic of the day. The movies output is at an all time low, and hits are few and far in between. All the more reason for us to feel happy that an actor, albeit a child actor is having a dream run with successful and much anticipated movie projects under his tiny school-belt. The “Lucky Star” Vikram has proven that talent and presence get noticed irrespective of all other influences. Article 3: VIKRAM: THE “LUCKY STAR” OF TOLLWOOD Prestigious production house projects have always given actors and technicians tremendous scope to expand their brand equity in the market. But then, imagine the strength to an actor when he is born in a family that runs a successful production house, and also get to work in may prestigious projects elsewhere too with renowned technicians. Such is the case of Vikram Sahidev Lagadapati, the younger son of the producer duo Sirisha-Sridhar Lagadapati. “Lucky Star” Vikram, who has just entered 8th Class has garnered few more roles including the prestigious “Sher” and “Pataas”, immediately after the super hit “Race Gurram”. He was much appreciated by the audience and the movie industry alike for his poise and confidence on screen for Race Gurram. May we remind the readers that Vikram had galvanized his poise in front of the camera with child roles in the family drama Viyyala Vari Kayyalu and the coming-of-age film Snehageetham, long before his current assignments? He is now acting for Gunasekhar’s magnum opus “Rudramma Devi” and rendering dialogues in the classical style of Telugu language which are considered tough even by some seasoned actors and heroes. The “Lucky Star” is also busy shooting for Ramalakshmi Cine Creations’ Krishnamma Kalipindi Iddarini, starring Sudheer Babu and Nanditha Raaj. Ever since we have seen Vikram on screen, we were of the firm opinion that he may never have needed a prestigious project or producer parents to shine the way he is shining in the Telugu film Industry today. It seems like Vikram would have done it eventually with or without their support. We will be watching his every move and telling our readers about it, and we wish “Lucky Star” Vikram all the best for his acting career.