Vijay Babu’s post against Mamooty

Mamooty fans all against Vijay Babu for his post against Mamooty. Vijay had shared the post of the movie that stated that it has broke all the records to his wall. But then the viewers had modified the post and Vijay, not knowing about the modifications was caught in the trap, The post had criticized the movies Munnariyipu and Rajadhi Raja. The post said that the movie Peruchaazhi had earned 5 crores in 2 days after the release and the movie had been just created an air that it will be released in 500 theatres. This post was shared by Vijay. Vijay Babu apologized and then said that one of the admins had done this overlooking the contents of the post. There are rumours that this post had been mistakenly shared in Vijay’s wall while he was trying to share this to a Mohanlal fan. One of Mamooty fans had posted in Vijay’s wall his history and cinema life. In the reply post Vijay had said that he is a great great fan of Mohanlal and Mamooty is a great actor. Also he said that he has got a good relation with Dileep, Prithviraj, Kunjchacko Boban, Jayasoorya and Fahad. Viewers say that this is the tactics of a producer to get the dates of these stars for his next movie.