Vedhika does something different for her fans

Actress Vedhika says that she is ready to do something different for her fans. She is creating a page for her fans on the social media.

This page is not to communicate with the actress, but it is for her fans. The page is to find out the talent among her fans and inspire them to achieve their goals. She has started a new initiative called Vedhika Talent Gallery that will allow people to showcase their hidden artistic talent to wider audience. The actress used to get so many paintings and videos through her message box. Whenever she finds a good one , she used to promote it through her official page.

So she decided to open a page for her fans as a small gesture to the people who have unconditionally supported her on social media platforms. The idea was conceived after lot of her fans used to send her their art – work on her official page. Her opinion is that there are so many people around us with talents. But they are not getting sufficient motivation and promotion.

This creation of arts of the fans does not reach people. She thinks that if she promote this creativity through her official page then it will reach wider audience Since an artist needs an audience, this will give them an opportunity to reach a wider audience compared to if they put up their art-work in their own page. The initiative will be more like a community page on Facebook where artist can interact with one another. Her page has 30 lakh likes for her official page. Her new page also has more than 30,000 likes . People are allowed to send any of their artistic creations such as musics, paintings, poem , mimicry and dance videos in this page.