Akash Arjun Pictures, Films were able Shri R., karuppaiya Bros. co-producing the film "Varshanad" Kumaran is the hero in this film. Singamuthu creature heroine Tobago, the movie, emespaskar, cinkampuli, Raj Kapoor, cantanaparati the cast. Cinematography - T. Bhaskar Songs - Annamalai, Valmiki, kavikarkko, tamilamutan. Music - yattismakatev Art - emjicekar. Stunt - kanalkannan Dancing - acokraja, Bobby, ramesretti editing - Thiyagarajan Managing Product - arramanujam Production supervision - Jayakumar Product - Rosen Screenplay, dialogue and direction ... curyapirakas starring Sarath Kumar, who "were able" to many films, including the driver. Asked the director about the film .... Rameswaram is the kind of story that happens in the area! Earth is sad that carry so much sorrow in his life began sailing at Rameswaram, comfortable love story of a romantic couple "Varshanad" Deprive - is mixed with sorrow and love! That is what we have to plot! In the hustle and bustle, action, mixed centiment irukkirommayi movie filmed how I like it better turning munaiyait tantato varucanatum gives good turning munaiyait curyapirakas says. As soon as the film comes to the screen.