Arya is a boy-next-door, a simple guy with social responsibility. A lady doctor falls for his nature. After facing few initial hurdles, she manages to win his love finally.

There is an another world far away from earth, created by a Goddess, where love does not exist. There women are treated like slaves. Varna is an orphan who does not like to be a slave. Arya is attracted towards Varna and her bravery. Varna denies to marry him as she believes marriage will make her a permanent slave.

This wonderful world has threat from an enemy kingdom. The king of that kingdom wants to kidnap the Goddess and announce himself as a super power. How the Goddess creates love in her world connecting lives of Varna and Mahendra to those of Madhu and his girl friend.

Anushka is terrific as Varna, a stubborn girl. She is cute when she realizes her love towards Arya. She is okay in another role as a doctor who thrives for a man’s love. Arya is a mismatch. In spite of showcasing a well built body and fantastic performance in sword fights, he is not convincing as a warrior. He couldn’t match up with the grace of Anushka.

Varna is a technical brilliance. It is on par with Hollywood flicks technically. The visual effects used in creating an another world are never-before on Indian screen. Cameraman Ramji’s work needs a huge appreciation. Ramji perfectly captured Selva Raghavan’s vision.

Anirudh Ravichander’s BGM is of top notch. Though Harris Jayaraj has come up with extraordinary tunes, our Telugu lyricist has killed the music with abnormal lyrics. Action sequences are full of sword fights and they are good.

Selva Raghavan has provided story, screenplay and direction for Varna. He is at his best as a director. His creativity in story writing is palpable. However, as a screenplay writer, Selva is not upto the mark and as a result, Varna has ended up as a below average flick.

Tamil title Irandaam Ulagam perfectly suits the concept of this film. But naming it as Varna in Telugu and keeping Anushka in the front line in posters and trailers is a marketing strategy. Varna is NOT a heroine-oriented flick and Anushka is a normal heroine in this film; and hero Arya plays an important role and has more screen space when compared to those of Anushka.

Varna is a highly complicated plot. Selva made it worse by narrating the two stories in the first half simultaneously. It is obvious in Varna that the director himself lacks the clarity on what he wants to tell. However, Selva Raghavan shall be appreciated for coming up with an out-of-the-box story.His idea of using the love between a couple on earth to create love in another world is good. But his goodness has ended there itself. When you show impossible things on screen, you should come up with a tight script work which can convince the audience that it is possible.