Vallatha Pahayan

Vallatha Pahayan - India Movies New-comer Director Razak comes with his maiden venture ‘Vallatha Pahayan’. For this he has chosen a new group of stars from the channel program ‘Marimayam’. The theme is about a commoner who ventures to build a house of his dreams. Consequently he faces a lot of hurdles on the way. The story is woven around a UP school Peon Balan and his wife Sumithra. Balan is very innocent in nature and hails from a simple family of agriculturists. It is his wife Sumithra who directs him with new ideas. She wanted him to move to the city and enjoy the modern way of life. Thus he was forced to agree to her demands. And he decides to buy a plot in the city and build a new a house. On the way he encounters lot of problems and meets some typical characters. Razak portrays all these events in a sarcastic way which sends the viewers into laughter. Manikandan Pattaambi has done justice to his roll. Manikandan shines equally well in humour and sentimentality. Rachana the heroine also has presented a good performance. She has done the same in her previous movies ‘Amen’ and ‘Lucky Star’. Other supporting stars also have fared well. Script writer Vijayan has adopted a new style of his own. Altogether it’s a good movie meant for the common man. There are no new-generation gimmicks or obscenity. It’s a real family entertainer.