Valakom Incident: Depending On Lie Detection Test Says CBI

Kottarakkara:CBI says they are depending on Lie Detection tests for bringing into light the facts about the Valakom Incident. Investigators wish to subject seven people for the lie detection test but only three are consented for the same.CBI finds it difficult because of the court order that the test can be conducted only with the consent of the subject.Private Secretory of K.B Ganesh Kumar M.L.A,Pradeep Kumar gave consent for the test.
CBI on the first instances of the case itself found out that it was not accident that caused the injuries to Krishnakumar,teacher of Valakom School.They arrived at this opinion having regard to the nature of the bruises on Krishnakumar and situational evidences.CBI’s opinion indicates not even the main witness could be trusted in this case. The main witness was himself in hide almost for ten days.Every time on cross examination by CBI,Krishnakumar repeated that he is not remembering anything on the incident.But investigating officers says that there is no chance for him to forget the incident in which he had injuries.It is clear to CBI that all involved in the case are hiding something.Also they indicated that it can not depend on lie detection test alone and more investigation is necessary for more evidences.It was on 27th of September 2011 that Krishnakumar was found injured at Valakom M.L.A Junction.