Vadivelu Film Faces Threat In Telugu

After so many years Comedian Vadivelu is gearing up for his upcoming Release. The film which is bilingual will be released in Tamil and Telugu. But the reports says that in Telugu the film face opposition. However the film which has Krishnadevarayar and Thennaliraman as the central characters is based on the background Andra. The film directed by Yuvaraj Dhayalan has already started facing controversy. Some Telugu faction had accused that the film portrays king Krishnadevarayar in a poor light. Since it is a comedy film they highlight that their historical characters has been mocked in the film.It has also been reported that the few members of the group had issued a letter to the censor board to prevent from certifying the movie.
But the director Yuvaraj Dhayalan has rubbished the rumors stating that his film does not include any scene or dialogue that will hurt the sentiments of the people. The trailer of the film also could not arose any curiosity in Andra Pradesh.