Vaanavil Vaazhka

​​James Vasanthan’s Vaanavil Vaazhkai The multi proficient James Vasanthan, who is a red-hot music director as well as a colossal television host has dabble in direction he has decided to reveal another side of his personality, James Vasanth is all set for his debut film “Vaanavil Vaazhkai”, a musical grounded movie which would narrate sequence of rivalry occurring among college students taking part in cultural events at various colleges. James Vasanthan says that, "In our industry, we usually have a set of beautiful songs in a film and call it a musical. But in the West, a musical is a production in which the lead actors sing and act all by themselves. Vaanavil Vaazhkai is one such movie with plenty of songs it is billed as a musical film. I’m directing a film which is a pure musical." James Vasanth reveals, “I have always wanted to make a musical bed-rock movie and was waiting for the right time to do it, finally I got down to penning the script a year ago and completed it in six months. This story, which is about life inside a contemporary city college campus Vaanavil Vaazhkai is a feel-good entertainer. The film stars a bunch of youngsters (college students) those who have just passed out, the story is set around college culturals, and hence, they will be singing and delivering their own lines .James Vasanthan adds that he will be composing the music for this film as well. "There will be 19 songs in all, and they will be encompassing all genres like hip-hop and rock. The role of James Vasanthan is little substantial in this movie he is stewardship for Screenplay,Lyrics,Music and Direction, the cuts are by Sabu Joseph and the filming is done by R.K.Prathap. So Vaanavil Vaazhkai will be a time machine for people who partook in the college cultural and this will be a new era treat for audience. Jemsvacantan a better host, the first film score R. Huddle is super tuppar not know. "Rainbow Life" by film director took the incarnation of all his songs written for the film, not just another face in the ullaratu. It's sounding music for the whole film mukkiyatavam given. He said about the film.   Vantirukkarata a lot to us and say halivutla Kollywood movie musical, pleasant to listen to songs, watch the movie musical that will not only build beautiful places   The actor, who plays in the film, his own voice singing in natikaikale natittaltan movie musical.   "Rainbow Life" image such as picture'll develop a total of 19 songs. Karnatak, Hindustani, Weston, rock, pop as many types of music, which is all it will be. Pannanumnkiratu a film like this was my latciyakanava ippotan the story to create a good opportunity to work amaincatu One year, six months before progressing screenplay, dialogues and composed, in the vicinity of the site are now in college and have boot image,   The story of the college is an arts festival at the core of it, the actors have no one that all completed, kallaluri student girls studying!   It will be a polutupokkana film viewings patam everyone remember their college years to blossom again.