Undapakru to become Bachchan

Ajay Kumar is the comedy actor who made an entry into the Guinness book of records for being the shortest actor. He has proved to everyone that his shortness is his advantage. Through the film Kuttiyum Kolum he has proved that he can not only act but can also direct. He is becoming busy again in Malayalam film. After an interval he is coming back to film with Dilieep Starrer Ringmaster. In this film he is playing a character named Bachan. Interestingly, his get up in the movie is also similar to that of the legendary actor. Even though he does not have height like the legendry actor, he comes in the get up with bulgan bear and style hair. Now he is in the gang where the dogs are being trained. In the film his character bachan played by Pakru is the important friend to Dileep.