Traffic to be released in Bollywood

The Malayalam movie ‘Traffic’ by Rajesh Pillai that brought about a great change in the film industry is getting remaked in Hindi too. The highlight of the movie is that Malluwood actor Jishnu and actress Kaveri are starring in this Bollywood movie.The movie will be shot with slight difference that would be acceptable in the bollywood arena. The role played by Krishna and Roma will be played by Jishnu and Kaveri respectively. Other roles casting have also been decided.Sandhya will be replaced by Nikitha, Asif Ali by Amol Paresher and Sreenivasan by Manoj Vajpai.Kahani fame actor Rana will be acting the role of Kunjchacko Boban. Jimmy Shergil will replace the role of Anoop Menon.Vishal Singh will appear in the role of the journalist played by Vineeth Sreenivasan.Kittu Gidwani will take up the role played by Reena,Divya Dutt will take up Lena’s role and the role of the police officer will be played by Parambratha Chatterjee.The movie,though a bollywood one, the makes are all from the malluwood. traffic had been a hit in Tamil too.