Tourist Home

Now it is time for experiments in Malayalam Cinema. Taken in single shot, associating almost 30 stars t the movie 'Tourist Home" co ordinates the different events and happenings in a tourist home. Tourist Home is a movie that reached theaters as a new experiments suites to its catogary as New Generation Movie.This is a movie having ten stories shot in a single shot. This movie was realized at ten people writing the script. the movie which can be termed as a new experiment even in India Cinema is the brain child of Mr.Shebi.The people who shot the film in one single shot truly deserves appreciation..The plot of the film is also quite interesting .Tourist home is a movie that should be viewed with much patience . This is the second film by the Director Mr. Shebi. The story happens in a low class tourist home near Trivandrum Medical College . There in ten rooms the life of different people turns as stories. Two young men feeling guilty of their misdeeds,a grand father who brings his grand child for treatment at medical college , a policeman who comes for his lest during office hrs,a woman who finds immoral ways to find the money for her husband's treatment, a man and his friend who fears an interview, an astrologer, a girl who tries to convince her own father about his immoral ways,a woman who want to abort the pregnancy from her husbands friend and a group of gamblers-- they are the inmates of the tourist home. In a particular situation the society happens to look into the tourist home reflecting the cross section of the society . Once the hidden truths comes to the lime light ,it was a big shock for the Cultural Society of Kerala . The peculiarity of the movie is that the ten different stories from ten rooms unites for the climax. Kalabhavan Mony,Nedumudi Venu Madhupal,Saiju Kurup,Sreejith Ravi,Hemant Menon,Rajat Menon,Kochu Preman,Kunchan,Narayanakutty,Kottayam Nazir,ManiyanPilla Raju,Meera Nandan, Sarayu,Thesnii Khan,Lena,Sreelatha Babu, are in lead roles.All did truue justice to their respective roles.The songs written by Rafeeq Ahamend and tuned by Janifer are also good.To sum up the director is to be thanked for doing a good work .