Thrissur (Trisivaperoor) is a district situated at the centre of the State of Kerala. Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala. Situated at sea level the district is of area 3032 sq.kilometers. The district head quarters is Trissur town. Placed on a small hill Sri Vadakumnathan temple is centrally located in the town.

Thrissur is famous for Vedikkettu (fire works)and Pooram (the temple festival of colours)and Puli kali(a folk art form)


Like how the formation of Keralam is related to Parasurama, Thrissur is also related to him. It is being said that, on invitation from Parasurama,Lord Siva came to the south along with Devi Parvathi, Ganapathi and Subrahmania on Nandi. At the place where presently the temple of Vadakkumnatha is situating, Nandi stopped and Lord Siva decided to reside there. The place got its names Vrushabhadri puram because it’s the place where Nandi (Bull= Vrushabhava) stopped and South Kailasam because Lord Siva stayed there and the name Thrisivaperoor originated from Tripuram, are the stories said in Keralolpathy (Origin of Kerala).

Commerce and Industry

Thrissur is has got a major role in Trade and industry in the state. The district is famous for Gold trade.


After Mumbai the largest gold market in the country and having the most number of jeweler shops also is Trissur. High road along the Thrissur town alone has got more than 50 jeweler shops. Many of the present multinational jewelers are started from here. Thrissur is also famous for making gold ornaments. Kalyan, Bhima, Alukkas, Malabar Gold and Josco are the main gold jewelers in the town.


Thrissur is also famous for textile shopping. Kalyan, Immanuel silks, Jayalakshmi Silks ,and EMK silks are the main merchants. Big bazaar, City Centre, Reliance Shoppe are the main shopping centers.


Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala. That much diversified and versatile is the ancestry of Trissur. The Cheras of Dravida dynasty had their capital at Mahodaya puram (present Kodungallor) near Trissur. At that many of the Tamil poets lived here.
Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy is located at trissur.

Kerala Kalamandalam is situated at Cheruthuruthi a small village on the banks of Bharathapuzha, near Trissur. Kalamandalam is a deemed university now.


Thrissur is famous for the Pooram festival. With finely ornamented elephants, colorful umbrellas and trumpets and drums “Trissur Pooram” is a festival of colors all the natives of Trissur in and around the world, where not only the native but foreigners too get enchanted in its beauty. In Vadakumnathan temple there is no pooram for Gods other than the Sivarathri festival. Trissur pooram is unique to have all the Goddess from the temples around the Vadakkum Nathan temple comes as pooram and joins on the temple ground and worships the God and returns. Only the Paramekkavu Pooram enters inside the temple wall. It is believed that Sakthan Thampooran was the king who organized the present style of pooram.

Pulikali of Thrissur

Pulikali or Kaduva kali is a traditional folk art form. This is being conducted during the Onam festival. This art form is almost 200 years old. The Pulikali of Trissur is old more than half a century .This is different from the Pulikali seen in other parts of the state.

Main Pilgrim Centres

Guruvayoorr Sri KrishnaTemple

This is one of the most important hindu temples of south India. Lord Maha Vishnu is worshiped as Guruuvayoorappan here. The temple is in Guruvayoor 26 kilometers north west of Trissur.

Vadakkumnathan Temple

The temple of Lord Siva known as Vadakkumnathan is on a small hill known as Thekkinkaadu Maidanam at the heart of Trissur town .This temple historically very much linked to Trissur. The temple in its present form is renovated during the rule of Sakthan Thampuran.

Paramekkavu Temple

Paramekkavu is one among the major associate in Thrissur Pooram festival. Situates at East of Swaraj ground. Paramekkavu temple is quite influential in the spiritual and cultural growth of Thrissur.

Thiruvanpadi Temple

Though new compared to Vadakkumnathan temple and Paramekkavu , Thiruvanpaditemple is also an age old temple. Thiruvanpaadi also associates in Pooram festival. Located at Patturakkal-Shornur road of the town.

Vyakulamatha Basilica(Puthen palli)

This is one among the biggest Christian churches of Kerala. Situated in the heart of the town.

Cheraman Juma Masjid

This is the first Mosque in India. The mosque where the very first Juma Namaz offered in India.

Tourist places

Athirappally water falls is in Athirappally Panchayath east of Chalakkudi in trissur district. This falls is nearly 24 m. the Chalakkudi river.