This Time Mahesh Targeted Balakrishna ?

The dialogues in the first teaser of ‘Aagadu’, released on the eve of Super Star Krishna’s birthday, led to allegations that Mahesh Babu has targeted Pawan Kalyan.

Mahesh has given explanation then that they didn’t target anyone and the problem has been solved then. But the second teaser of the film, released today on the occasion of Mahesh Babu’s birthday, has raised some doubts again.

There is a dialogue in the teaser, which sounds similar to Balakrishna’s dialogue in ‘Legend’.

The dialogue is : ” Ayina nuvvu dialogue esthe counter eyadaniki nenu writer ni kaadhu fighter ni….”, which sounds similar to Balakrishna’s dialogue : “Nuvvu bayapedithe bayapadadaniki voter ni anukunnav bey…shooter ni… ” in the film, ‘Legend’.

Hope the similarity is only coincidental. It is to be noted that 14 Reels Entertainment banner has produced both the films.