Pictures of the new image of the company on behalf of Sri Chendur venkitupati C., S. Balasubramanian, KA cacipirakas producing the film dubbed. The hero of the newcomer rankayali 18/9 case number one shooting a scene in the film. In one scene in the film as the lead actor tejasvi mutarkutam. And atukalamnaren, showing the Senthil, tampiramaiya, Devadarshini director A. Venkatesh plays the role of the principal. Cinematography - Karthik nallamuttu (Rathnavelu of his assistant) Music - holders Art - A. Palanivel (vairapalan of his assistant) Editing - casikumar (he tanmeks assistant) Product Management - Jairam Product - Sri Chendur Pictures The story, screenplay, dialogues, lyrics and direction - saktivelan (who T.Rajendar directors, has worked with the likes of Shashi. Asked the director about the film saktivelan ........ Pannikkirama Pannikkirama wedding? Valratum pannikiratum happy marriage is the most important matter .. now they are focusing on the idea that the film is developed. The film, which has received the full amount proposed for the Test Suite pannumpote film hero, heroine will ivarkalakattan. The shooting of the film, Coimbatore, Cuddalore, Chennai, said the director is in constant attendance, saktivelan katappavilum.