Thirudan Police

Thirudan Police Thirudan Police an upcoming magnum opus action comedy directed by debutant Caarthick Raju. Produced by S. P. B. Charan in collaboration with J. Selvakumar, The film starring Attakathi Dinesh and Iyshwarya Rajesh in the lead role have Bala Saravanan, Nitin Sathya, John Vijay and Rajendran in the supporting roles. 'Their characters are the four pillars that hold the script together . Senior actor Rajesh proves a point in methodology of acting by enacting the role of a responsible father of an errant son with perfection' the Director Caarthick says. Attakaththi Dinesh who has been developing a penchant for variety in scripts marks ' Thirudan police' as a film that will reach him to all section of audience. Aiahwarya Rajesh tipped to be the next big star in the orbit feels ' Thirudan police' will be her ladder to success. Director Caarthick Raju specializing in the area of visual effects and computer graphics cherished to do something more creative, ventured into direction and now his compilation is ready to hit the theaters soon. This movie is a mixture of many genres more with the dose of comedy. The music is scored by Yuvan shankar raja who always reserve his best to scripts with racy pace. This film promising immense intensity will hit the screens on the end of July. Police with Thief Images produced by a change in the world, with some success in the Tamil movie SB B Saran, J. Pictures in association with Image 'Thief police. From childhood on the run, to eradicate modern privatisating familiar story, with the help of various characters with jokes, drawing fans from all sides shot 'thief police shooting is nearing the end of the bench. Karthik famous scenes in computer technical director debut with this film. 'Shouting match' heroes act Dinesh, co-starring Aishwarya Rajesh. Different characters to fight with mena tarnished his name Dinesh fixed to the 'thief Police' will be a different picture. Nitin Sathya, Bala Saravanan, 'I am God' Rajendran, John Vijay, the story of the four main pillars of sustainability. Veteran actor Rajesh would be irresponsible for a child's austere, dignified role of a father for his realistic performance and stand in front of our eyes. New ventures are always supporting member Yuvan Shankar Raja musical setting up of the 'thief Police' has been released at the end of July.