Thirsha Illaina Nayanthara receives big applauses from students

Loyola College of Engineering celebrates it's 6th #enGinia Cultural festival which was presided over by G.V.Prakash Kumar & Aadhik Ravichandran Director of the movie "Thrisha Illaina Nayanthara". Speech was given by Director Aadhik Ravichandran at first . Aadhik quoted that ; If we work hard and run behind our dreams we can achieve it for sure. I was dreaming to become director from my school days. Due to hard work my dream came true by now. I did engineering as my u.g course as per my mother's wish. Even though my father was there in film industry for 20years she don't want me to make movies. My passion didn't allowed me to concentrate in studies & i used to write stories instead of writing class notes. When i approached my mother to permit me. She made a deal with me that "After clearing arrears i can take my route". After facing lots & lots of struggle finally i got cleared all papers & by now am standing as a director in front of u. G.V.Prakash Kumar is the one & only men to believe me & he supported for "Thrisha Illaina Nayanthara" movie which has came out well. Finally director Aadhik concluded that if we work hard to achieve our dream ; success will stand with us for long time .