Patience is a virtue of a brave man. It is always important to break our patience at the right point at a right place to emphasize our presence. Sea Shore Gold Productions AK Balamurugan and R balagopi presents Thiri is a film directed by debutant director Ashok Amirtharaj is a film on this knot. Thiri is a realistic commercial entertainer starring Ashwin Kakamanu, Swathi Reddy, Jayaprakash,karunakaran and AL Azhagappan in the lead.'Thiri' symbolizes influence. It could be of either positive or negative, but influence is influence. The film dwells on the universal fact on how parents ultimately influence the path of the wards life. Proverbs such as 'Like father like son' inspired me and the knot was born there . I had detailed the human emotion on this aspect. says Ashok Amirtharaj