There Is Reply For Cancer ;Manesha Koirala

Bollywood actress Maneesha Koirala and Cricketer Yuvraj Singh in a joint initiative appealed to those who undergoing the nightmare of cancer stressed with their own examples:” If We Can, You too Can” Maneesha Koirala and Youvraj Singh had the track of fighting against cancer and returned back
The Bollywood actress Maneesha and the aggressive left handed batsman of Indian Cricket Yuvraj opened up about the trauma they under went knowing about the ailment they are into, how was those days of treatment and how they overcome and fought back to life.
Having experienced the disease , both decided to spread the awareness and be a moral support to all with their own example.
Yuv Raj Singh,it is not that matters at what stage you come to know that you are effected ,you have to pick up yourself from the scratches and fight back.If Yuvi can you can also .
Manisha coins herself as “Cancer Crusader”.Crusader is a fighter,it is that attitude that you should have while fighting a disease no matter cancer or something else.
There is a general mental block that Cancer is Death itself. It is not so. She said she know many who were ill with cancer ,took treatment and are now fine. Let us also be crusaders and take the challenge.
Youvraj Singh and Maneesha were in an interactive session Pratigya ,Cancer Myth and Reality.arranged in the city .
Cancer patients,doctors,cream of the society including many celebrity actors from Bengali film industry joined in the session.
The audience gave a keen ear to Yuvi and Maneesh while they unfolded the story of the battle they fought and won.