There Are Chances For Land Slides Again In Idukki

Thodupuzha:As per the study by Central Geological Department,there are chances for land slides in many parts of Idukki.People are to be moved to safer places says the report.
During the Monsoon, many places in the state had more rain than Idukki.But most of the disasters were in Idukki and for this the study pointed out three reasons
1. Continuous heavy rain for more than one or two months without any intervals
2. Strong wind along with the rain which could even up root the tap roots of trees
3. The top level soil became loose in rain and soaked soil in rain water
These three are the cause for land slides in Idukki as per the studies.So in the present situations studies will be continued to identify the disaster prone areas says the team from Geological study center of Trivandrum ,who came for the primary studies.