Theological Seminaries

The Indian Orthodox Church has two Theological Seminaries:

1. Orthodox Theological Seminary, Kottayam

2. Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur

1. Old Seminary : (Orthodox Theological Seminary)

Orthodox Theological Seminary
P.B No. 98
Kottayam – 686 001.
Phone:+91 481 2566526, 2568500, 2566650, and 2302571

Orthodox Theological Seminary ‘the cradle of English Education’ in Kerala. is 182 years old. It was Pulikkotil Itoop Ramban of Kunnamkulam who had the spiritual vision and far sightedness to establish a Seminary. He acquired sixteen acres of land along the banks of the River Meenachilhe in Kottayam from the Travancore Government. and the construction started in 1813.The Seminary built in the ancient “Nalukettu” model consists of two storeys each on the Southern and Northern sides and three storeys each on the Eastern and Western sides clearly displays the architectural skill. Itoop Ramban who founded the Seminary passed away on 24 November 1816 and was laid to rest in the Seminary.

C.M.S. Missionaries as Teachers:

The C.M.S Missionaries who came to help the Syrian Church were appointed as teachers in the newly started Seminary. They were the ones who started the English Education for the first time. The missionaries, who were unable to comprehend the beliefs and traditions of the Oriental Orthodox Church started propagating their reformatory exhortations in the seminary and took control of the Seminary for a long period of time. Eventually the Malankara Orthodox Church realized the mistake and the issue finally ended in the Court. In the legal battle that followed the successor to the founder of the Seminary, Pulikkotil Joseph Mar Dionysius II won, and thereafter the Seminary and the Church properties once again came under the control of the Orthodox Church. Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios Metropolitan who was the Principal from 1967 to 1996 elevated the Orthodox Theological Seminary into a first grade Center for Theological studies in Asia.

The Seminary’s Curriculum:

The Seminary offers four years course leading to the Degree in Theological studies. The other courses included: G.S.T. (Diploma), B.D. (Degree). Facilities for post graduate studies are also offered (M.T.H) . Students from different denominations both from within and from outside Kerala are taking this M. TH courses. More facilities for pursuing research work in Theological studies are on the agenda.

Programme for training Priests:

The Seminary is affiliated to the University of Serampore for theological training in B.D., M.Th and D.Th. courses. Divyabodhanam, Sruthi School of Liturgical music, Prathyasa Counseling Center, etc. are projects run by the Seminary for the training of lay people.
The Seminary has also introduced various schemes for the spiritual training and theological scholarship of the priests in the Church.

Sophia Center:

The Sophia Center, which is adjacent to the Seminary, conducts several meetings, conferences, debates and seminars. The Holy Synod meets here.

Divine Studies (Divyabodhanam)

Theological studies for the layman. comprising a 2 year certificate course (P.O.C.E) followed by 2 year Diploma course (D.O.C.B)is also offered here.. On passing the course the candidate can take a Degree course (G.O.C.E). This scheme, which was started in 1984, has benefited many lay persons in the Church.

Scriptural Exegesis (Bible Study Course):

A series of books of commentary of the Bible titled “Thiruvachana Bashyam” consisting of 15 chapters in meditative style of the New Testament have been published for the benefit of the laymen.

Parish Mission:

During X’mas vacation and summer vacation teachers and students jointly conduct in different parishes weekly missionary activities. This Programme consists of house visits, classes for children and elders, film show and evangelical talks. Booklets that help to strengthen the Orthodox faith and controvert the false teachings that creep into the minds of the members of the Church are published under the supervision of the Parish Mission.

Sruthi School Of Liturgical Music

Sruthi School of Liturgical Music offers training in Music with the objective of making our oriental worship touching and systematic. Numerous talented believers undergo training in musicology.

Book Shop:

Attached to the Seminary, there is a Book Shop which distributes books written by the teachers of the Seminary, the various publications of the Church and books in different languages such as Syriac, English and Malayalam.

Prathyasa Counseling Center:

The Prathysa Counseling Center started in 1995 is a vacation counseling course offered under the leadership of the Seminary teachers for the benefit of priests and laymen.


Mar Gregorios Foundation was established for publishing books and research papers of Metropolitan Dr. Paulose Mar Gregorios.

A Memorial Complex

The memorial complex consists of His Holiness Baselios Marthoma Mathews I Memorial Managing Committee Hall, Dr. Philipose Mar Theophilos smaraka Ecumenical Study Center and Dr.Paulose Mar Gregorios smaraka Library and Research Wing. It has been Christined as “Heritage 2000- Smrithi” Mandiram.


The Mortal remains of the late Metropolitans, the founder of the Old Seminary Pulikkotil Joseph Mar Dionysius II,M.D. Seminary founder Pulikottil Joseph Mar Dionysius V, Malankara Sabha Basuran Vattasseril Geevarghese Mar Dionysius VI and Paulose Mar Gregorios are entombed in the Seminary Chapel

Office Bearers:

Principal : Rev.Fr.Dr.K.M.George
Vice Principal : Rev.Fr.Dr.M.Jacob Kurian
Manager (Old Seminary) : Rev.Fr.M C Kuriakose

Web Site:

2. St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary, Nagpur


St. Thomas Orthodox Seminary,
Ubali Road, Brahmani PO,
Kalmeshwar, Nagpur 441 501
Phone: 07118 – 2711696, 2711991

On 14 September 1995, Metropolitan Dr. Stephanos Mar Thevodiosios started the St. Thomas Orthodox Theological Seminary in Bhilai with the objectives of giving training to the students in theology to serve for the various parishes of outside Kerala Dioceses and creating missionaries for mission work in North India. Training is being given for activities for village uplift in Macodia, and Bhilai and for translating the syriac order of worship into English and Hindi. The steps to shift the Bhilai Seminary to Nagpur were taken up on 9 December 1997 as per the decision of the Holy Synod.

Office Bearers:

Rev. Fr. Dr. Reji Mathew (Principal),
Rev. Fr. Ninan K George (Vice- Principal)