The villain Outshines the Hero

Actor Jayasurya told that he loved to act as villain more than acting as hero in films. In a recent Interview, he told that got so much of satisfaction while shooting the villain role than playing doing a role as hero. He told that this will be be understood if you watch the film Iyobinte Pusthakam. He dared to do this this villain role, while he was having so many offers in the lead roles. In Jayasuryas words , he likes to become super actor not super star. In Malayalam films , Prithivraj, Fahad Fazil, Jayasurya are the actors who has star value. So definitely to play an antagonist needs lot of courage. Usually the actors who has star value does not dare to do villain characters opposite any other stars as it will really effect their image.

Here we have to give full marks to Jayasurya for taking this bold step. He surprised the viewers by doing the antagonist role of Ankur Ravuthar in the film Iyobinte Pusthakam He has been praised for his mannerism and body language for this role. He has no hesitation to play the baddie in the film or even the supporting actor. This is not the first time Jayasurya is doing the role of a villain. Earlier he had played the villain in the Prithivraj starrer Classmates. He played the role of villain politician and because of him the hero and heroine got separated.

Also he had played the antagonist in the Prithivraj starrer Lolipop. Jayasurya does not like to limit himself in the lead role. The actor feels that negative roles are more challenging and they demand more hard work and versatility , while most of the lead roles will have a special character format. Whether it be as a hero, villain or comic, Jayasurya has always managed to leave his imprint on each of his characters.